Can I use any of the ProApps offline?

SurveyPro and CrewPro can be used offline and online.

While online, you will have constant access to the move files assigned to your license. If you know your next survey will take place in an area where the connection is not strong or you wish to have a move file available under all circumstances, then the offline mode can come in handy. You can go in offline mode by tapping the globe in the top right corner. Here you can choose to go offline.

How to save a file for offline use?

While online, swipe to the left on the move file, and the option to Download it will show. When you swipe to the right you have te option to delete to Delete the file. 

How can I be sure which files I have downloaded?

You can see which files you have saved by the black Dot on the left of the move file. If there's a dot, that means the file is saved and will remain in your tablet in offline mode.

These dots can also be green (or dark red in CrewPro). A color dotted file is the latest downloaded file you've opened. 


Move files created while being offline do not have access to Quick Add templates, Services and Walkthrough Questions. We recommend that you create a file ahead of time when you are online and then proceed to download those files.

Every time that you create a New Task through the device, the app checks the MoveDashboard resources (rooms) and makes that information available in the app for you. If the app is offline, it can't check the resources (rooms)