Cancelling, rescheduling or calling a client

Once you have scheduled a phone call, you can find it by going to the Menu> SurveyVideo> Schedule. On this page, you will see an overview of all your scheduled video calls. Each file has four buttons: Start callReschedule callCancel call and Send Reminder.

In order to start the SurveyVideo with your client, click Start call. You will be automatically directed to the homepage of SurveyVideo. 

The black screen will be your client's and the white screen will be yours. On the right side, you'll also see a chat room. Here you can chat with your client in case the connection is spotty.

Below the video feeds you will have the Walkthrough Questions available. These questions are made available for video surveyors as a guide while they conduct the survey. These can also be used to take notes if preferred. To customize these questions, reach out to or go to MoveDashboard > Company settings > ProApps > Questions.