How can I scan items into a Lift-Van?

CrewPro has the option to scan items into a Lift-Van in the Packing task.

For this process to work, you will need to have items packed/loaded and associated with a barcode or QR code and have a Lift-Van created.

In the packing list tab, on the top right corner, the app displays a Scan button.

When you pack/load an item, the app offers you the option to associate a bar code with it.

When using now this Scan button on the packing list tab, you will have the option to associate a barcode to a Lift-Van.

You can always add loaded/packed items from the packing list to the Lift-Van tab by selecting them and adding them to the Lift-Van manually, but if you are already using the scan feature, this is the best way to speed up the process.