How do I select other inventory lists?

While using SurveyPro or CrewPro, you have the option to use the Move4U inventory list, the ISO list, or your own list.

In any of the ProApps, once you create a new task on the device, you have the option to select the inventory list in use for this particular move. Keep in mind that this list will be used for all the other processes of the move: packing, delivery, documents, etc.

In the MoveDashboard, it is possible to select the inventory list prior to the assigning of the task. Take not that there should be no inventory presentfor this move to have this option availble.

Once the selection has been made through the ProApps or the MoveDashboard, this can't be changed. A default inventory list can be selected in the MoveDashboard. If you have admin right, head to the company settings -> inventory list -> overview inventory lists, and select the default list.