How to create an inventory list

There are 3 ways to create a digital inventory list.

Option A) Use the MoveDashboard Itemizer (inventory tool). Go to ProApps > Moves > Client file > Inventory > Add inventory item. By following these steps you will be prompted here. This option is provided by default with your SurveyVideo subscription.

Search for the item in the search bar on the top left. Fill in the details, such as origin and destination address, which floor the item is on, in which room it was and add photos or comments if necessary. Learn more about how to add inventory with MoveDashboard here.

Option B) Use the Itemizer tool. This option is only available after the call has taken place. Open the move file and go to Inventory. Here you will see the usual inventory page but, once your recording is available, a new tab should display, Itemizer.  this new page, you will be able to rewatch the call and create an inventory list alongside.

Option C) Use a SurveyPro license to create a moving estimate. Learn more about SurveyPro here. SurveyPro is not provided by default with your SurveyVideo subscription.