The Move Dashboard creates files automatically after a survey/packing/delivery has been finalized. If you are using the SurveyPro or CrewPro and finalize a job, the system creates documents for you. 

If you are using the SurveyForms or SurveyApp, you will have to go to the move file and generate the document yourself. Why? The SurveyForms and SurveyApp are designed to receive information from a client and then a user (you) is able to edit this file using the Move Dashboard. This also count if you make an inventory list in the MoveDashboard. You are able to create a file through the system with the following steps.

Log in to the Move Dashboard. Be aware that you are not able to create an account without an invitation from Move4U.

Select any of our solutions as in "Go to MovePro", "Go to SurveyApp" or "SurveyForm", "ClaimApp". You will be redirected to the dashboard of the solution.

Search the move file. Pay attention to your filters and calendar settings. After you have set your preferences, type the name of the person or the move number in the search bar.

Once you have found the name or move file you wanted, click on it to display its information.

Now select the "Documents" section. Here you only see the documents that are related to this move file. To view a document, you will have to download it. Depending on your browser preferences, this may be done easier. If you are using Chrome, you can download the PDF file and open it with the same browser.

All documents generated through the Move Dashboard are PDF files with the exception of the Client Summary, which can be generated as a PDF file and as an Excel sheet.

To delete  a file, click on the bin on the right side of the file.

To create other documents, click on the "Create document" button. For any file that you select to create, you will see a language window. You can click on the bar to display and select available languages for that document. There is an option to upload files in case you wish to attach any other information to this move file.