The SurveyPro and CrewPro are designed to carry specific tasks.

The SurveyPro focuses on surveying and gathering pre-move information. The CrewPro is focused in packing and delivery. 

This guide will explain how to assign any of these tasks to someone in your company or other companies. 

Log in to the Move Dashboard. Be aware that you are not able to create an account without an invitation from Move4U.

Go to the MovePro dashboard. 

Search the move file. Pay attention to your filters and calendar settings. After you have set your preferences, type the name of the person or the move number in the search bar.

Once you have found the name or move file you wanted, click on it to display its information and select the "Tasks" section.

You can see current tasks, pending or finalized. To assign a new one, click on the "Add task" button. You can delete a task by clicking on the bin icon. Deleting a task will not delete the information gathered. The inventory or documents created thanks to that tasks will remain in its place.

If you add a new task, you will see multiple options. External task is designed for collaboration between companies. You can get in contact with the support team to enable this option for you ( ). Once enabled, it allows you to select a company from a pool of companies (all of which have asked for this option to be enabled). Learn more about external tasks here.

  • The type of task is the purpose: survey, packing, delivery or SurveyVideo.
  • Location: depending on the type of task, it will suggest the origin or destination address.
  • Surveyor/Crew: person in the company that has an active SurveyPro or CrewPro license.
  • Task date: calendar view to specify dates and times.
  • Duration of tasks in days: providing your colleagues to allocate enough time before-hand.
  • Complete task before: calendar view to set a deadline for the task. 
  • Comments: any type of information that your colleague may find useful. This will be visible in the app for the surveyor or crew.
  • Keep me notified switch: you decide if you want to receive email notification when this task has been updated.

If the task is not external, then you will see a "Crew" section on the right side. Add there the names of the crew attending this task, this is important for packing and deliveries. For those tasks, the app requires the names of the packers.

If the task is external, the "Crew" section is not visible. Select a company from our pool of users and select then the person that will carry the task (only users with a CrewPro or SurveyPro license are shown here).

Once you are satisfied with the options. Click on "Update". Your colleague with the license can refresh the device and this new task will show up.