SurveyApp is an iOS and Android app that helps you gather information from your clients. 

You can set up the correct details for SurveyApp in your MoveDashboard. Below are the steps to set up SurveyApp for your company.

Log in to your Dashboard

On the left side, select Settings > Solutions > SurveyApp.

You'll be redirected to the General settings menu. 

After a client submits a file through the SurveyApp, the client and you will receive an email confirmation. The client provides an email address through the app and you must add yours in the Email(1) space.

If the client replies to the email confirmation, this is sent to Move4U. To change this, please add your email address to Reply to email(2). 

On the right side, you have the option to upload your logo(3). We strongly recommend a logo that matches a 350 x 80 pixels ratio.

The app settings will show the code for your company. You can also use the QR code, since the app has a scan option. The app can be used by entering the code of the company or by scanning the code.

On the right side, the Color 1 is the color for the heading bars. Color 2 is for the font. If you click on any of these, a color selection window pops up for you to select the color that you prefer.

Lastly, the app can let your clients select which services they wish to hire. To add your services, go to left bar, select Settings > Company > Services. We have added some services for all companies, you just need to tick the box next to it. You can also add your own services with the button Add offered service" Once you are satisfied with these settings, click on Save.

Now the app is ready to be used. Don't forget to provide the download links to your visitors: iOS / Android. You can provide your code or your QR code.

You are ready to start using SurveyApp!