Once your surveyor has finished a job, the task will disappear from the device. This task will show as "Finalized" in the Move Dashboard and the system will create documents in the Documents section.

If you need to change the inventory created by your surveyor, you can do it following these instructions:

Go to the Move Dashboard, find the move file and head to the Inventory tab.

You can click on any item to change its details or click on "Add inventory item". This new page is divided into two sections. The item bar on the left side is to find the item you need, and the right side displays item details. 

Adding new item to existing room > In this example, we are adding a Mirror to the 1st Floor Bedroom. 

  1. On the left side, I typed Mirror and then clicked on "+Add". Now the name and volume is transferred to the right side. 
  2. On the right side, you must select the floor and room. We selected "1st Floor" and "Bedroom". Change the quantity or volume as you need, don't forget to select a transport type. 
  3. Once these details are right, click on "+Add" (blue). Now the item has been added. 
  4. Once you are done adding items, click on "Finish inventory" on the top left. 

Adding new item to new room. > In this example, we are adding a Bike in 2nd Floor Utility Room. 

  1. On the right side, the item details, click on +Add for room or floors. Now you can see the 1st Floor having 2 rooms. 
  2. If you add a new floor, you would see no rooms. You can add now the room. After you select the room and floor, click on Save. 
  3. Now you can see the floor and room we just added are available.
  4. Once you are done adding items, click on "Finish inventory"on the top left. 

Now your new items should show correctly in the inventory tab. If you wish to have an updated document, with these new items in it, head to the documents section to create a new one.