MoveDashboard gives you access to some of the best moving processes in the world. External tasks are surveys, packings, or deliveries that other companies have decided to share.

Example: Company A asks Company B to carry a survey in Amsterdam. Company A knows the client and has opened a file for it in Company A's own dashboard. Company A will have to assign the survey task to Company B. Company B collects the information through its own SurveyPro or CrewPro license and the information is redirected completely to Company A.

How to plan an external task when you're Company A:

  1. Go to the Move Dashboard > MovePro > Find your move > Tasks > +Add task.
  2. On this page, select External. New options will show up for you. Commission to is the company that will carry the task. External partner is the person that will carry the task. External Planner refers to the person that will schedule the job. Surveyor/Crew refers to the person that will carry the task.

If you assign a task to an external planner, this planner will receive an email to confirm the reception of the task and will have the option to schedule the task for one of the surveyors or crew leaders.

If you assign a task to a surveyor/crew, the task goes directly to the user. 

Once the other settings are set in place, click Update to save. 

How to plan an external task when you're Company B:

  1. As the receiving company,  go to MoveDashboard > MovePro > External tasks > Incoming.
  2. As the receiving company, you have to accept the new tasks by clicking on the Tick icon.
  3. Click on the Info row, and you'll be able to confirm who will carry this task by selecting the person suggested or selecting somebody else in the User/Crew dropdown. All updates for this move will be placed here. This move file does not show in the MovePro dashboard of the company that has received the survey task (Company B in this case).

If the task was assigned directly to the surveyor/crew, there will be no need for a planner to accept the task. The information has gone directly to the user (surveyor/crew).

To view further information from a shared task, you can click on the file number hyperlink place at the top of the screen.