SurveyForm is intended to be implemented in a website. The goal is to translate the visits on your website into more detailed information that can be used for the move.

You can find the settings of SurveyForm in your MoveDashboard.

Go to the Left side bar > Solutions > SurveyForm. You will be prompt to the General settings of the SurveyForm.

  • After a client submits a file through SurveyApp, this client and you will receive an email confirmation. The client provides an email address through the app and you must add yours in the Email(1) space.
  • If the client replies to the email confirmation, this is sent to Move4U. To change this, please add your email address to Reply to email(2). 
  • Just below, you'll find the color selection (3). This selection affects the color of the button in the forms. Mind that all font color will remain the same.
  • On the right side, you have the option to upload your logo (4). We strongly recommend a logo that matches a 350 x 80 pixels ratio.

The script

In the next tab, SurveyForm Demo, you can see the script for the form. You can inject this on your website after making the following adjustments.

1. Add the following element in the HTML-template of your website on the place you want the SurveyForm to appear.

<div id="survey-form"></div>

2. Add the script to your website.

The SurveyForm script is set up in the following way:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

3. Add the event to your script.
Now everything is ready to inject the SurveyForm into the element you've created in step 1. Add this event right after the SurveyForm script:

<script type="text/javascript"> $(window).on("load", function () { var placeholder = document.getElementById('survey-form'); var lang = 'en'; var cid = '18c419fb-6d3d-43e8-af34-de98991f9c16'; DrawSurveyForm(placeholder, cid, lang);});</script>

4. Match the placeholder with the element

The placeholder is set to survey-form by default. Make sure it matches the ID of the element created in step 1.

5. Set the language

 var lang = 'en';

The language is default set to English with country code: 'en'.

The available languages are available:

  • English - Country code: 'en'
  • Dutch / Nederlands - Country code: 'nl'
  • French / Francais - Country code: 'fr'

6. Add your cid (Company ID). This is the Move4U CID in this example.

 var cid = '18c419fb-6d3d-43e8-af34-de98991f9c16';