Once you have downloaded the CrewPro app, follow these step to activate or delete your code from your device.

When you open the CrewPro and it has not been activated, this will request your email and code to move forward.

Once the code has been added, you will be able to see all tasks pending on your account.

On the top right corner there is a menu icon, tap it to display the navigation menu. Once it is displayed, there is a settings button on the bottom left corner. Find your license in the settings menu, the bin icon next to it deletes the license. Once you delete the license, the tablet will not display the move files anymore.

About the code

Be aware that this code can only be provided by Move4U via email. 

This activation code is different from the password that you or your colleagues may be using to access the MoveDashboard.

The code can be activated multiple times but not active in multiple devices at the same time.

What does this mean?

Let's say you use this code with your smart phone, but if at some point you wish use it with your tablet, you will have to delete it from your smartphone and then activate it on your tablet. You can activate the code multiple times but not have more than one device with the license active at any time.