When you finalize a job in the SurveyPro some things may happen:

  • If you added a recipient email address, the SurveyPro will send this address a summary of the survey (with or without volume). 
  • The survey file will disappear from the main page. Finished surveys can be found at the Previous Surveys section. Tap there, select how long ago you finished it and the system will show you the name and number of the move file. SurveyPro users are not allowed to edit more information regarding this move. If the client has forgotten some details or anything must be changed, it can be done through the MoveDashboard. 

Why we limit the SurveyPro user like this? To avoid the user from deleting anything by mistake. This is one of the most common issues we have seen. Once it is finished, the information can only be changed using a computer. Bluntly: we create a wall for the user, so users think twice about changing or deleting information by mistake.

Once the survey is finished, the MoveDashboard creates documents automatically. If you changed any detail, address, item, etc. You will have to request the system to create a new file for you. More about this here. New documents will specify who created it.