CrewPro allows the user to select different packing types. Each time that you select an item from the inventory list, 3 options will show for you. Each of these options will behave differently if you have selected 2 or more items.


With this option you can select a specific box for the item you have selected. You can select an empty box, such as a Move Box or other boxes such as Box - Clothes Flat, which already have content inside. If you decide to put an "Armchair" inside a "Box - Clothes flat", the final content for this box will be clothes and an armchair. You can select multiple items and then put them inside a box.

The item volume changes to the volume of the box.

Pack item

This option is for an item that doesn't need to use a box. Maybe you have wrapped a bike or adapted a box to this bike. 

With this option, the item volume remains the same. All items will be placed in the same package line in the packing list and will have the same number.

If you select multiple items and then tap on this option, the system understands that the items you select will be packed together. The final volume will be the addition of all items selected. 

Example: You can use this option for a particular item that requires special care, e.g. a laptop. You will need to gather the Serial Number, or assign a particular package.

You can also select this option for many items to go together in the same package.

With one item selected, the item is packed and the volume is that of the original item.

With multiple items selected, all items are packed together and the volume is added.

Pack individually

This option is for fastpacking items. Having selected multiple items, you can tap here to tell the system that you want to pack all these items in different packages. Each item will have an individual line in the packing list and the package number will be different. Each package will keep its original volume.

Example: You can select some items in the bedroom and tell the system that your packer, Mike, will pack it all.