Walkthrough Questions work as reminders for your surveyors/crew. Aside from the specific details that can be added to inventory, addresses, or planning sections, these questions can be customized. 

How to add Walkthrough Questions?

  1. Go to your Dashboard.
  2. Go to Company> Settings> Solutions> Pro Apps.
  3. Go to Questions tab> Walkthrough Questions tab. On this page, you are able to add more questions with the Add Question button. Once added, you can click on the task button and select where you want to show this question.
    1. Survey for the SurveyPro tasks
    2. SurveyVideo for SurveyVideo tasks
    3. Pack-in for the CrewPro (packing module)
    4. Pack-out for the CrewPro (delivery module)
  4. Once you have added your changes, click on Save all questions.