CrewPro can also help your team during the delivery process. Once you open the delivery task in the ap and go to the packing list.

Here you will see the colli number content. On the right side, there are two buttons.

Question mark: When an item does did not arrive or it's missing. Once you tap here and set the colli as "missing", the colli will show in the "Missing" tab. Did you find the item or colli? Go to the "Missing" tab, click on the arrow icon on the right side of the colli to return it to the main packing list.

Successfully delivered: The colli arrived and it was delivered successfully? Tap on the red tick icon. The item will be transferred to the "Delivered" tab. Did you make a mistake? In the "Delivered" tab, tap on the arrow to return the colli to the packing list.

Bingo: To make things easy, you can also tap the "Play bingo" button. All colli will be presented as a bingo sheet and you just need to tap on the collis that have been delivered.