With SurveyPro and CrewPro, you have the option to use your own inventory list. 

* Remember, it is an admin feature. 

Head to your MoveDashboard. On the left side of the screen:

Company> Settings > Company> Inventory lists. Here you are presented with 3 tabs: Inventory items, Add new Inventory list and Overview inventory list. 

Select Add new inventory list. Type the name of your inventory list and click on the button upload file. A browser window will pop up where you can choose the inventory list you want to upload.

The system will require a particular format for the inventory list. Find that model attached to this article (head all the way to the bottom).

Remarks about the inventory lists:

The system recognizes 3 different types of items. Items (furniture), boxes and content for the box. 

What's a box content? When using CrewPro, if you have selected a "Box of clothes", the finalized packing list will show "Clothes". That is because every box should have some content assigned inside it. The first step is to tell the system what is a box and what the content is through the excel file. If you are going to create your own inventory list, it's important that you set your list properly as to what's going to be an item, what's going to be a box and what's going to be the content for those boxes.

If you don't know your company Prefix, you can find it on the Dashboard from a move file

If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact support@move4u.com, we will be happy to help you add your inventory list.