The main goal of SurveyPro is to capture a list of surveyed items. You can do this by opening any file in your SurveyPro Dashboard.

  1. Head to the Inventory section of the file and tap the Edit button.
  2. You will see 2 buttons at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Quick Add - which is based on your Room Templates.
    1. Select origin, destination, MOT, floor and room. When selecting the room, you'll be shown a list of room templates with items preset.
  4. Advanced Add - adding items one by one.
    1. Select origin, destination, MOT, floor and room. A system list of items is shown below. Tap on any of them and the system will show you the options for the item: Disassembly, comment, photo, damages, etc.

The items created through this process can later be transferred to a CrewPro user for the creation of the Digital Inventory or Packing List.

After you finalize the survey, the information is transferred to MoveDashboard. You will not be able to adjust the list of surveyed items through your device after finalizing. 

You can always add items to the list through the MoveDashboard or reassign the job back to the device to continue working on it.