The settings section allows the user to change the metrics and personalize the view to its preferences.

The user can access the settings at the bottom of the left sidebar.


The user can convert the metrics used to calculate the weight, length, and volume of an item.

Weight: Choose between Kilograms (kg) or Pounds (Lbs)

Length: Choose between Meter/Centimeter or Foot/Inch
Volume: Choose between cubic meter (m3) and cubic feet (ft3)

Additional Preferences:

The user can change the view preferences of the "Packing" section when adding or packing an item. The information will be reflected in the documents.

Save photos directly to the gallery: The photos taken in the app will be automatically saved in the gallery.

Show options for actual crate dimensions: Add the crate dimensions in addition to the dimensions of the item.

Show the full name for conditions (damage codes): The damage on an item will be fully spelled instead of a code number.

Customize view preferences:

Select the names you want to see appear for each list in the application. Press on the "heart" to mark a name as favorite and see it appear on top of the list.


Change the information about your localization.

Language: Select the language you want the application in.

Country: Select the country of the location.

Currency: Select the currency used in the application. This is linked to the currency you will use for High Value items.


The user can see and remove the license used on the device.