Release date: December 15th, 2021

SurveyPro and CrewPro: Version 1.1.19 (build: 36916)

  • New Packing Materials
  • Bug Fixes

Through our experience with users, we've noted some common hurdles which could be resolved on the device's setting. See below some of the common hurdles.

  • The text or font in the app is too small. See the article here to learn how to increase the text or font size on your device.
  • Typing takes too long. See the article here to learn how to enable dictation on your device.
  • If you have encountered an issue in the app, please be aware you can take a screenshot, learn here how. If you have time, it will help us if you record your screen when running into an issue. The video and screenshots you capture can help us find and resolve the issue much faster than by reading the description in an email or call. Learn here how you can record your screen. 


  • For users scheduling packing tasks through the MoveDashboard, please be aware the task type ''packing'' is being renamed to ''pack and load'' 
  • The task types ''packing'' and ''pick-up'' have been added.

However, these are not available for use yet.