Of course, our ProApps allow you to create a client file/move on the road, straight from your device. But as a coordinator, SurveyVideo user or planner, it is allows best to prepare for your tasks/moves well in advance.


When a lead, client or move comes in, the first thing you want to do is create a new move/client file. Once the mandatory fields have been entered, you will then be able to assign tasks to your surveyors and crews.

Creating a New Move File

1. Log into the MoveDashboard 

2. Select ProApps > Moves > New File

3. Navigate to the Client section - Here you can fill in all known information regarding the client. The only mandatory fields here to create an origin location are the City & Country tabs. This is so that the planning/tasks dates match the origin location.

4. Within the lower part of the page you will find a section to enter the clients full name, contact details and specific information. All MoveDashboard information will pull through to both SurveyPro & CrewPro. So, contact details are helpful for your surveyors and crew in case they need to contact the client prior to the move task. Select any 'Update' button to save your data.

5. Another mandatory field when creating a move file is the Destination address. You will not always know the full address at this stage, so entering the city and country is fine. Navigate to Locations > Add New Location

6. From the 'Type' pull down menu, select Destination and enter in the information you have.

7. Now that you have both an origin and destination for this move, you now need to create a task. Navigate to the 'Task' tab > Add Task.

See Here how to create a task.