Release date: November 15th, 2022

Solution: MoveDashboard

  • New Enhancement: Finalizing Tasks Via MoveDashboard
    • Normal & Admin users will no longer be able to finalize a move task within the MoveDashboard, apart from a SurveyVideo. Only the Move4U team can do this as a last resort upon request. With this function, we can prevent users overwriting Pro App data in open move tasks.
  • New Enhancement: Task Date Now Added To Survey Inventory List 
    • To cater for certain industry requirements, the survey task date is now visible on the survey inventory list document.
  • New Enhancement: Adding Move Roles in the MoveDashboard
    • Companies can now assign 'Move Roles' when allocating/working alongside agents or external partners . For example: Origin Agent, Destination Agent, Vendor etc.
  • New Enhancement: Claim Automatic Share Option
    • In the ClaimApp settings, the automatic share option has been added. This means, once a company is selected, all claims will automatically be shred with this company up a claim submit. Only once the setting is filled in, the automatic share will work.
  • New Enhancement: Automatic Document Sharing Upon Finalizing
    • Upon finalizing a task, documents via email can now be shared automatically to a company. To do this, Settings > ProApps > PDF Settings > Document General Settings > Email Reports.
  • New Enhancement: ClaimApp Invite & Re-initiate BCC Option to Coordinator
    • Claim coordinators can be included as BCC when both initiating and re-initiating a claim. This means coordinators will receive the same email as the client with instructions, helping them assist.