Release Date: December 3rd, 2022

ProApps, Version 1.2.2

  • Performance update:
    • Quicker user experience.
  • New settings option:
    • Before when selecting a new room, you would be prompted to an option to enter a room description. You can now select 'do not show room description popup'. This will prevent unwanted pop ups when building an inventory or packing list.
    • When packing your first item, you would be asked what number your list starts at. Within your CrewPro settings, you can now select 'Do not show sticker number popup'. this will prevent unwanted pop ups or the possibility to choose another number other then 1 when packing your first item.
  • Adding a new task within the applications:
    • When adding a new task within the device itself, you can now enter the customers destination. This will save you time instead of entering the destination within the addresses section.
  • Version number location:
    • The ProApp version number is now more prominent within the application. By selecting the setting pulldown menu (three stripes at the top lefthand corner), you will see the version number appear at the top.
  • Pre/Post location inspection signatures:
    • The foreman/crew member currently signed in will no longer have to fill in their signature when finalising the inspection report. It is now pre-filled if done so within the settings page.
  • In app support:
    • You will now only be able to access user guides, video breakdowns and FAQ's related to the application you are working within. For example, SurveyPro articles for SurveyPro and CrewPro articles for CrewPro.

If you have any questions regarding our latest release or you are intrigued to know more, please contact