SurveyVideo features

Once your client has downloaded the SurveyVideo App, he/she will see this screen:

What does each of these four buttons do?

  • Connect: To connect to the video call, your client should click on this button. By clicking this button, a pop up will appear as the following screenshot. He/She can then tap on Start Video Call.

  • Your client will not be receiving any notification if you call the client, therefore your client needs to click on the connect button on the scheduled time.
    In the connect screen the client can flip the screen, use the flash light and mute the audio.
  • Chat: With this button, you are able to chat with your client during the call in case the connection is weak. This way you'll still be able to communicate with your client.
  • Email: With the email button the client can send additional information or any other agreements to you that were made during the call.
  • Upload: With this button, your client can add photos and videos of the items, which will be available in the MoveDashboard under the media tab.

Your client will have access to the app.