How do I set up my app?

Before you start working on any move file, you should set up your device.

Tap on the 3 stripes in the top left corner and tap on Settings at the bottom. For the most part, the settings for SurveyPro and CrewPro are the same, except for the ''Additional Preferences''. Under preferences, you are able to adjust the weight, length, volume, date format, and your default inventory list. 


CrewPro has more additional preferences than SurveyPro. Here is an explanation of what each preference does:

  • Save photos directly to the gallery: When you want to add a photo of the location, damage, or an item, there is the option to take it on the spot or take it from the photo library. With this setting, if a photo is taken on the spot, the photo will be saved in the photo gallery.
  • Show option for actual crate dimensions: If this is marked, you will need to fill in 6 crate dimensions for an item. 3 for the item and 3 for the crate. 
  • Show full name for conditions (damage codes): When this is marked, you will see the full name of the conditions and location for an item instead of the standard ISO codes. 
  • Add default email recipients: If this setting is marked, the client will automatically be an email recipient. You don't need to add the client anymore to receive a copy upon finalization. 
  • Always use item color: If your company work with sticker color and it is mandatory for every item to have a sticker, this is a handy setting for you as you cannot pack an item without selecting a color
  • Always use barcodes/scanning: Same counts for these settings, if your company works with barcodes. If it is marked, it is mandatory to fill in a barcode in order to pack an item.
  • Use of packers/PBO not mandatory: With this setting marked, it is not mandatory anymore to select a packer in order to pack an item. 

The following settings are the same for both SurveyPro and CrewPro. 

The customize view preferences are all the dropdowns that the app has. If you tap on one of the pens you will see a list of all the options that the dropdown will show, for example the damages for adding a condition. 


These are the ISO damage types, a pretty long list. Let's say you don't need all the damage types. To make the list shorter you can deselect the type that you never use. For example, you never use ''marred'', you can tap on the square, and marred will be removed from your dropdown. Now, if there is a type that you use almost all the time, you can mark as favorite by tapping on the heart. This will move the damage type to the top of the list.

The location section is where you can select the country, language, and preferred currency. 

The support section is where you can turn off the support team tracking all your actions within the app. Click here to find more information regarding this enhancement. 

The signature section is where you can add your default signature.